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Interior Modifications


If your cabin interior is due for a refurbishment, for whatever reason, we can help you restore the shine.

Whether your cabin needs a small touch-up or a major modification, you can count on us for premium quality. And you can also expect us to deliver on time and on budget. Our skilled craftsmen work in state-of-the-art facilities, where they can upgrade your cabinetry, seat upholstery, sidewalls and ceiling. We can also help you with carpet and soft material design and installation, as well as with cabin system modification, while also taking care of the seat upholstery and shape design. You can decide to have just some of this work done, or opt for a full cabin refurbishment or retrofit. Whatever your decision, we are ready to provide your cabin interior with a well-deserved makeover, in line with your needs.

Walk through and experience variations on our cabin interior designs