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Landing Gears & Subcomponents

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house landing gear MRO shops.

Reliable take-offs and landings are fundamental to all successful missions and operations.  Manage all flights with confidence. Trust our in-house MRO shops for decisive landing gear & subcomponent support.

The safe beginning and completion of a flight envelope, and the successful operation in between, all count on the reliability of the landing gear and airborne subcomponents. Our core competencies feature comprehensive capabilities in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of civil and military aircraft landing gear & subcomponents.

Take advantage of the services we offer and safeguard availability as well as OEM compliance. Our highly specialized teams are dedicated to serving your individual needs with competitive turnaround times and cost efficient solutions. We offer you complete solutions from a single source, while ensuring the safety and reliable performance of your landing gear and subcomponents.


Solutions include

  • Landing gear systems
  • Landing gear single components
  • Loaner landing gear for select platforms
  • Brakes, wheels & rims
  • Hydraulic components such as steering cylinder and pumps
  • AOG and original spare parts support
  • Enhanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection


Supported platforms