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Flight Data & Cockpit Voice Recorder

Safeguard airworthiness. Count on our in-house flight data and cockpit voice recorder MRO shop.

Your aircraft is airworthy when the sensors have been routinely analyzed and evaluated during MRO tasks on flight data and cockpit voice recorders. Rely on our MRO expertise to secure continued accuracy for operational recordings.

Your flight data (FDR) and cockpit voice recording (CVR) devices require regular readout and testing services to ensure safe operations and continued airworthiness. Our FDR and CVR technical specialists are at your service for inspection, testing, repair, readout, modification, and overhaul. EASA and FAA approval included.

Benefit from our fast turnaround times, as well as the convenience and reduced cost of our exclusive remote diagnostics support. Our experts accept FDR and CVR “readouts from file” sent electronically. You save on the costs and, most importantly, the time associated with shipment logistics.

Continued airworthiness management is intrinsic to your effective fleet management. When your components are ready for their next maintenance task, our in-house component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops are ready too. Benefit from reliable, low average turnaround times and precision testing. Our experienced specialists ensure we meet all your continued airworthiness requirements.