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Supporting the Business Jet Community and the issues around COVID-19

Securing safety and operational flexibility during this pandemic crisis is a shared priority.

Your concerns continue to be our concerns, especially in dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Be assured, RUAG continues to be your reliable partner for responsible handling of your interests in the face of these challenges.

We are following the recommended guidelines for protecting our employees from infection so we can protect your operational priorities as well. Focusing on maintaining our services and support of our Business Jets Community, we are currently continuing to deliver full, reliable performance even during this particularly difficult situation.

Safety and hygiene come first while we stay connected with our teams and customers.

  • Your flight crews are welcomed to a protected environment. Social distancing is fully enabled yet your crews have access to the immediate support they require.
  • Your aircraft is professionally disinfected right before you are prepared for the post-MRO acceptance process.  We disinfect it when it arrives, as well, to ensure safety for all involved.
  • Your health is important to us. We are following strict guidelines for presence and home office to alleviate the number of colleagues gathering at any one place in our facilities.
  • Your project progresses as planned while our technical teams are adhering to the current regulatory guidelines on proper distances and hygiene.

Transparency remains essential to our business process.

  • Your aircraft project is closely tracked. Our teams remain available to communicate with our customers, supply chains, and colleagues. 
  • You may contact us directly, at any time. Talk to Christian Karl, our Head of Sales Business Jets, or your preferred RUAG contact about any concerns you may have.
  • Your confidence in our support is our priority and we remain dedicated to operational stability on your behalf.
  • You can rely on us to communicate and react responsibly should our progress be directly impacted by evolving developments.

Continuous monitoring of recommendations from national and international authorities serves us all best.

  • Ensuring compliance is critical for the well-being of our customers and colleagues.
  • Following best business practices at this time benefits your operations and ours.
  • Delivering sustainable support to all our customers and is our goal.


Please feel free to contact us personally.

Markus Frötschl
General Manager Business Jets
+49 160 2740109

Christian Karl
Head of Sales Business Jets
+49 151 62 42 0567