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FANS 1/A+, ADS-B Out, ATN B1 and CPDLC

Continued airworthiness and access to controlled airspace are vital to your operations. Rely on RUAG to install the mandatory avionic upgrades and increase the asset value of your aircraft.

Avionics upgrades

As a leading provider of complex avionics upgrades with proven experience in this field, RUAG is your trusted partner for full avionic upgrades on your aircraft. Our experts equip your aircraft with the complete FANS 1/A+, ADS-B Out, ATN B1 and CPDLC upgrades to meet the specifications, based on either the RUAG or a third-party STC. 

Full compliance, added value 

Choose RUAG to provide the solutions you require to fulfill the mandates. The upgrades ensure you maintain unrestricted operations within the North Atlantic Organized Track System (NAT OTS) and enhance the asset value of your business jets, in turn boosting their resale value and potential. Our avionic upgrades are supported directly by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) – solutions you know you can trust.

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