Global 5000 Paint Masterpiece


A complex personalised exterior design project.

Designed to push the boundaries of personalised aircraft exteriors, this pioneering project involved redesigning the entire exterior of a Bombardier Global 5000 in a unique design – a combination of vertical and horizontal stripes accentuated by three distinct fading effects. We collaborated with Happy Design Studio and AkzoNobel to meet this unprecedented challenge – and made it a success.

Technical preparation

Working closely with Happy Design Studio, we converted the original 3D rendering of the design into a functional technical drawing. This enabled the start of the practical and logistical preparation work. To mitigate the risks inherent in such a pioneering project, 1:1 scale panels were prepared for our paint specialists to test the required striping and fading effects.

Detailed work

Changes in the shape of the fuselage behind the engine boom section meant that transfers were ineffective – measurement of the lines had to be performed by eye here (CM: and laser). Even more delicate was the final 1m of the rear cone section – reference measurements were taken from lines traced out on the tail section, then extended using a plumb line for calibration.

Some of the finishing touches had to be applied by hand, using a fine brush, so great was the precision required. The sheer scale of the project can be demonstrated through a simple piece of trivia: in total, the work carried out on the aircraft’s exterior required a total of 700 litres of paint and over 5km of adhesive materials.

Following the handover, the owner of this newly repainted Global 5000 expressed his appreciation, declaring: “The design is impeccable. The precision of the workmanship is clear down to the smallest detail – truly impressive, especially when factoring in the complex nature of the livery and the short turnaround time available for completing the project.”

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