Pre-purchase Inspection

Proceed with confidence. Secure purchase decisions with expert support from a trusted partner.

Pre-purchase Inspection is a highly complex and delicate process for both the buyer and the seller.  As a remarketed aircraft changes hands, the Pre-purchase Inspection becomes one the most challenging hurdles in the transaction process.  It is a priority for both buyer and seller so we place our profound experience personally at your service.

Support for sound decision-making is absolutely necessary. The transition needs to be smooth and the interested parties must be confident in their decisions. As your reliable and trusted resource for reducing risk, we offer clear and immediate communication

  • proven technical expertise
  • full capabilities for confirming airworthiness
  • level I to level III support, tailored to match your exact needs
  • one-stop shop services to immediately resolve discrepancies

You can rely on us for precise implementation. A dedicated Aircraft Project Leader (APL) is your personal, single point of contact and will manage the Pre-purchase Inspection on your behalf. The APL provides reports, specific documentation and final findings on the overall condition of the aircraft, highlighting Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. Fully experienced in Pre-purchase Inspection, your APL engages in the necessary, comprehensive and daily communication between the interested parties for optimal transparency.