Wheels & Brakes

Safeguard availability. Trust our in-house wheels and brakes MRO shops for safety and reliability.

Knowing your aircraft will perform with its best stopping power requires confidence in the expertise and reliability of the aircraft service provider who inspects its wheels and brakes. Count on our in-house MRO shops.

The necessary power to come to a safe and full stop at the conclusion of your missions and operations is ensured when you trust your wheel and brake assemblies to our specialists. Whether your landings take you on asphalt airstrips or on unprepared surfaces, such as mud, rocks, gravel, sand, water, or ice, our team provides the targeted and prompt support you require to enhance safety and guarantee continued aircraft availability. Our in-house maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops for wheel and brake assemblies provide all services required for the release of your aircraft and feature MRO, inspection, test, and repair. Certificate of Conformance (CoC), and EASA certification is included.

Wheel and brake assembly MRO is an essential part of our system life cycle support solutions. Benefit from fast and convenient services as well as our expertise in support systems. Our field-tested and flexible solutions are adjustable, compact and mobile to suit your individual requirements and include tyre pressure gauges, filling guns, filling trolleys, and filling adapters for use with various specialised couplings and valves. All support technology has been developed in conjunction with our partnership with the Swiss Air Force.