FBO Services

Experience individual services. At our FBOs in Geneva, Lugano and Munich....

You have just arrived with your business jet. Wouldn't it be nice to ease into a relaxing environment, take a step out of the ordinary world and have a moment to regain some perspective?

Welcome to our FBOs, where your individual needs take priority. We will give you a personal welcome upon arrival, along with our pledge to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. You can step into the comfortable environment of a modern, spacious lounge, with a friendly staff ready to assist you. While you are relaxing in our lounge or taking care of further business, highly qualified specialists will ensure that your aircraft obtains the maintenance it requires. During your stay with us, you will enjoy total privacy. Our team will ensure that you are not disturbed, providing you with discreet and efficient service as needed.

Service is our mission, because we want to be your partner of choice for whatever you and your business jet need. We want you to keep coming back to the RUAG Aviation FBO world.

VIP Handling

The expression VIP is not a cliché for us. It is a concept we take seriously. And the very important person we are talking about is you. As a VIP, you would expect no less than excellence from us, and that is exactly what we deliver.

So whatever it takes to make you feel like a very important person, it will happen. Your needs may vary. Do you need a limousine waiting for you when your aircraft arrives? That will happen. Do you need assistance with customs or immigration? That will happen. Or maybe you simply need a lounge that offers you a quiet and relaxing space for waiting or conducting business? We have that for you, too.

We are a company driven by service. It is our passion and our mission to provide you with individualised service. Whatever your needs may be, we can help. After all, you are a very important person to us.

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