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Life Rafts

Predictable turnaround times. Trust in our in-house life raft MRO shop.


Preserve peace of mind and bring security to sudden situations. Know your customer and their most precious cargo are safe as you depend on our reliable in-house life raft MRO shop. 

Knowing your customer is prepared for uncertain situations means you have consulted a specialist. Our expertise with long-standing partner Winslow has made us the leading provider of life raft services in the industry. Providing fast and reliable services on over 500 Winslow life rafts proves our inherent standards of quality, trust and absolute dependability for satisfying industry expectations and meeting aircraft availability requirements. As well, it serves to underscore the success of the partnership between the two companies.

Our dedicated in-house maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shop requires as little as 1 day, and up to maximum 3 days, to fulfil inspection, testing, and MRO requirements, proving highest standards of quality, and ensuring guaranteed OEM compliance and full EASA and FAA certification. Rafts are delivered aircraft-ready and are packed according to individual specifications.

An Approved Centre of Competency for Winslow life rafts, RUAG MRO International component services extends to all Winslow model variations; each one of which comes equipped with mandatory equipment, including a beacon, flares, water-filter, hand pumps, survival rations, knives, batteries and torches. Additional supplies and content are individually chosen and specified by each aircraft owner, resulting in tailored maintenance and supply Services.