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Communication & Navigation Systems

Secure an informed flight environment. Stay up to date with ease, for accurate and customised data.

Precise navigation and clear communications both encourage a steady and confident flight environment. Ensure safety with the flow of the information you require, using our reliable, straightforward solutions.   

A state-of-the-art, integrated data environment for your aircraft is necessary to simultaneously fulfil today’s complex flying requirements. Your detailed navigational and guidance needs,  as well as your interactive cabin communications system requirements, determine how we approach the individual solutions we develop on your behalf. Your expert integration partner, we enable you to optimise your tasks, manage your flight envelope, and extend your operational versatility with the latest technology.  

Our straightforward solutions, together with our proven capabilities, enable us to deliver the most reliable solutions for your aircraft or fleet. As an approved European Aviation Safety Agency Part 21J and G Design Organisation, we will complete your selected services within EASA regulations.

You can rely on us to perform inspection and testing, integrate upgrades and modifications, and implement and certify completely new installations. You benefit from the reliable services of a single source, life cycle support provider, known for short downtimes and guaranteed aircraft availability.