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Flight Panels & Instruments

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house flight panels MRO shop....

The flip of a toggle switch can have a direct and immediate impact at any stage of your flight. Rely on our flight panel MRO expertise to secure functional accuracy for your safe missions and operations.

Your aircraft flight panel toggles and lamps require regular functional testing to ensure they operate safely and with accuracy. Our flight panel technical specialists are at your service for inspection, testing, repair, and modifications, including EASA, FAA and Certificate of Conformance (CoC) approvals.

Flight panel maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is one of our specialties, treating classic production panels as well as state-of-the-art flight panels. Whether checking toggles for their continued electrical resistance, or the lighting bulbs for warning lamps, our specialists provide spare parts and repairs all within our guaranteed 3 day turnaround time. You benefit from reliable component availability, as well as the certainty your classic flight panel will operate with accuracy.

Continued airworthiness management is intrinsic to your effective fleet management. When your components are ready for their next maintenance task, our in-house component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops are ready too. Benefit from reliable, low average turnaround times - just 2-3 days for almost all components, for almost all aircraft types – and precision testing from the industry leader. Our experienced specialists ensure we meet all your continued airworthiness requirements.

Noteworthy support for classic models

  • Cobham products on the Dornier 228
  • Cobham products on Cessna aircraft