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Avionics & Software

Target safety and continued airworthiness. Trust expert, affordable avionics solutions.

Being able to rely on your avionics and software systems is fundamental. Keep your avionics and software systems up-to-date and ensure a smooth flight with our proven solutions.

Flight deck, navigation and guidance systems, as well as safety systems, require updates to support you with the latest technologies and developments. Integrating these updates ensures you meet continued airworthiness criteria and can rely on the best possible solutions for your needs.

Our expertise takes you beyond updates to customised system upgrades and unique modifications. Our professional and  comprehensive consultation, as well as our efficient project management is founded on over 40 years of experience in providing solutions for integrating all manner of electronic equipment into civil and military aircraft and helicopters. Focusing on your requirements, we integrate and install state-of-the-art avionics suites and special mission systems, design the necessary airframe modifications, and ensure their certification, thanks to our EASA Part 21 J and G Approved Design Organisation (DOA).

Our portfolio of existing certified installations can be tailored to meet your needs for one-off or fleet-wide solutions, for both civil and military use. We work together with our structural design team and maintenance organisation to produce end-to-end certified solutions with minimal downtime.