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Generators & Batteries

Safeguard availability. Count on our in-house generator and battery MRO shops.

Your aircraft only fly when your generators and batteries are in working order. Rely on our expert MRO services to guarantee a successful start to your missions and operations.

Your generator requires regular inspection and testing as determined by the Component Maintenance Manual (CMM). Our generator test benches are at your service, accommodating air-cooled generators for full cleaning, mechanical inspection and testing, repairs and painting, and modification and overhaul. EASA, FAA and Certificate of Conformance (CoC) approval included.

A successful start also requires your batteries be charged to load capacity. Our team offers full support as we perform capacity checks and ensure you have the charged load you need to power up. Benefit from even faster turnaround times with our exclusive battery loaner service. Full part compliance guarantees you have battery power as you need it.